Tubas textile company, which started operating in textile business in 1984 by getting involved with hank dyeing activity in İstanbul Küçükköy, has then started to operate in fabric dyeing area and has opened their Cerkezkoy factory in 1994.

The company which has a closed production area of 15000 square meters on a total area of 42000 square meters, has continued with its production here with its capacity of 8 tons per day.

In 2006 by increasing its capacity to 45 tons per day and by establishing its fully equipped physics laboratory in the same year, it started providing services to its customers.

By obtaining organic production certificate in 2007, we have proven that we are an environmental friendly enterprise.

As the daily tubular dyeing capacity of 9 tons in Sezginler dyehouse, which was established in 2001 as their second enterprise, was not sufficient, they have passed to their plant in Tekirdağ/Muratlı in 2007 and by quitting to work on tubular dyeing, they increased their daily capacity to 30 tons with open-width dyeing and rotation printing.