Quality, Environment, and Human Resources Policies

Our quality policy

We, who are in collaboration with our partners for achieving full customer satisfaction by going beyond customer expectations, are providing the guarantee for product and service quality of our institution that is maintained for long years, be means of various nationally and internationally accepted accreditations and trainings, including ISO 9001 certificate.

Trainings which we regularly obtained, guide us in our advancement and development with our consciousness that individual and corporate development would provide communal development.

Our environment policy

For an environment which is not harmed, to be able to make conscious production, it is our priority to be respectful towards environment and nature at each stage starting from the first stage of product till its being presented to the consumer. By considering environmental impacts in our facility and processes, we are continuously in touch with our suppliers and customers for the necessary improvements. We accept that it is one of our most important responsibilities to use our natural resources such as raw material, energy, and water in a way not to give damage to people, environment and future generations and we are considering the relevant works in this area as our priority, acting as a conscious enterprise.

Our human resources policy

We declare that by acting with the principle of equal opportunities, we don't make discriminations of religion, language, age, gender or other particular and that by approaching all our employees in a just way, we treat them equally.Our company provides support for carrier planning of our employees and has adapted the principle that individual and corporate development would bring communal development.

In our company where we ensure that our environment and quality policies are sustainable with long term solutions, together with our employees, we see it as one of our priorities to improve our corporate culture and consciousness on a common ground.